We will remove and dispose of any debris resulting from bathroom, kitchen and basement renovation and/or demolition. The weight of the dense material will affect the price.

Edmonton Junk Removal and Disposal Services

Competitive rate
On time delivery
Locally owned and operated
Reliable exchange and removal dates
Variety of roll off bin sizes
Bins available in roll off tops
85 bins available to accommodate

all of your waste removal requirement
Brand new bins

Brand new trucks
Spring & fall clean up
Roofing & siding debris
Fire & flood restoration
Furniture & Junk removal
and much more…

We will remove and dispose of:

Storage Spaces:

here is why to
choose our services :

Home Construction and Renovation Debris:

Mixed Junk and Debris:

We will remove and dispose of regular junk mixed with construction debris and dense material together. If you have regular junk combined with dense material, the weight of the dense material will affect the price.

Old furniture
Small and large appliances
Outdoor rubbish
Junk removal

we donate
whatever we can to
local charitable

    Residential Apartment Junk Removal
    Commercial Debris Disposal
    Construction Debris Removal
    Yard Clean-Up and Disposal
    Yard Waste Removal
    Hording Services

    Interior & Exterior Demolition
    Tenant Eviction Cleanup and Disposal
    Fire & Water Damage Clean-Up & Debris Disposal
    Residential Junk Removal
    Commercial Junk Removal
    Landscape Removal
    Basement Junk Removal Projects
    Spring Cleaning Junk Removal
    Garage Junk Removal
    Home Demolition Removal
    Interior Junk Removal
    Construction Junk Removal


Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Junk Removal

We Supply Temporary
Bin Rentals For:

Need to clean out abandoned units, or want to get rid of old junk in your personal storage space? We will help you remove all junk including furniture, boxes, trash, bags, clothing, construction materials and other junk.

We will also clean the space, leaving your storage space clean and ready

for the next storage use.